Steam Game Review: Brawlhalla!

Steam Game Review: Brawlhalla!

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What is Brawlhalla though? Brawlhalla is a 2d platform fighter game similar to games like Super Smash Bros and Awesomenauts. You pick a Legend (Character You Play As) and you and your opponent duke it out in a 2d Arena. There are a lot of different Arenas in the game. Some have simple designs like Kings Pass.

Simple Arena.png

There are also complex Arenas with moving platforms and very unique designs. Depending on the Arena you fight in you will need to change your playstyle. Here are some of the unique Arenas you will find in game!

Arenas Map.jpg

Not only are the Arenas very unique the Gameplay was something I had never seen before. Each Legend character has their own unique set of signature abilities but they also have unique weapons that change their fighting style. The weapons spawn in the Arena when you are fighting. You can pick up the weapon and it changes your abilities to fit that weapon’s personality.

For example Bodvar can equip a Battle Hammer that gives him extra reach and knockback power or you he can equip his Short Sword and gain increased damage and attack speed. Learning when you change your weapons depending on your situation was hard to learn but once you learn when to change weapons to help you defeat your opponents it adds a deep layer of complexity on a simple game.

Bodvar hammer.pngBodvar Sword.png

The game has a lot of different gamemodes to play ranging from FFA matches, 1v1 unranked and ranked, 2v2 unranked and ranked and even Summer Dodgeball. The matchmaking system is very good in this game and out of all the matches I have played I have always felt like my opponent’s skill level was on par with mine.

The art style in the game is very appealing and immediately draws you in. The animations are very polished and look cute yet serious at the same time.


Brawlhalla is in Early Access and you can try it on Steam for free by by clicking this link. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of 2d or fighting games.

Overall I give this game a rating of 9/10. It is easy to pick up and hard to master. The art style looks beautiful and the animations look crisp and the game runs very smooth even on low end systems.


Overwatch: PTR Changes Look To Shake Up The Game.

Overwatch: PTR Changes Look To Shake Up The Game.

Blizzard Is Looking To Really Shake Things Up With This PTR Patch!

Here are some of the most important changes coming to the live game soon! You can try these changes right now on the PTR server.



If a match goes into Overtime for more than 20 seconds, the fuse will now start to “burn down” more quickly

Players now respawn more slowly during Overtime (increased spawn time by 2 seconds)

Competitive Play

Competitive Play matches can now only have one of each hero per team. For more info, click here.



Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities. As a result, some heroes’ ultimate costs have been adjusted (see below).



Configuration: Tank

Ultimate cost increased by 10%



Defense Matrix

Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 1 second

A new resource meter has been added. This meter will deplete while Defense Matrix is active and then recharge when it’s not in use.

Defense Matrix takes 10 seconds to reach full charge from empty

At a full charge, Defense Matrix will last for 4 seconds

Defense Matrix will now remain active as long as its assigned hotkey is held

Defense Matrix has been reclassified as an alternate fire and is now bound to RMB (by default)

An option to “Toggle Defense Matrix” has been added under Options > Controls > D.Va


Ultimate cost decreased by 15%

Explosion delay reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds

Explosion no longer damages D.Va (the player who activates it)


Developer Notes: D.Va isn’t being selected as often as our other tanks, and we feel a lot of that stems from the underperformance of her damage absorption abilities. So, we’ve reconfigured her Defensive Matrix, making it more flexible and giving players the ability to use it more often. We’ve also given Self-Destruct a little more oomph, because it felt slightly underwhelming when compared to many of Overwatch’s other ultimate abilities.



Sound Barrier

Ultimate cost increased by 10%




Now maintains full damage at longer distances, but will deal less damage at extreme ranges

Developer Notes: While the game does feel better following the nerf to McCree’s close-range damage in a previous patch, it left him a little too weak. So, we’re increasing his effective distance, making his range similar to Soldier: 76’s. This should hopefully give players another option for dealing with pesky long-range damage dealing heroes like Pharah and Hanzo. 


Damage Boost

Bonus damage increased from 30% to 50%

Effect will no longer stacks with bonus damage provided by another Mercy


Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%

Movement is no longer prevented during activation

Guardian Angel instantly resets upon use

Developer Notes: Mercy’s ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game; however, players would often fly into the fray and die while using it. With this update, Resurrect will now take a bit longer to charge, but Mercy will be a lot safer when activating the ability in the middle of combat. In addition, we always intended Mercy’s Damage Boost beam to be her primary method for dealing damage, but it often felt so weak that you were better off pulling out your blaster. To help address this, we’ve slightly increased its potency.


Whole Hog

Ultimate cost increased by 45%


Soldier: 76

Heavy Pulse Rifle

Spread recovery will begin after a short delay (rather than instantly)

Tactical Visor

Ultimate cost increased by 10%



Base shields increased by 50 (now 50 Health/150 Shield)

Orb of Discord and Orb of Harmony

Projectile speed has been increased from 30 to 120


Movement speed is now doubled upon activation

Healing amount increased from 200 to 300 health per second

Developer Notes: While Zenyatta has never had the healing abilities of Lúcio or Mercy, he made up for it by dealing more damage. However, his lack of mobility and low health has meant he’s struggled to find a place in many games. To increase his effectiveness, we’ve made several changes, the biggest of which is an increased shield pool. This will allow him to go head-to-head with more enemies. The Orb of Harmony and Discord changes are also a quality of life change, helping Zenyatta move his orbs around and apply their effects more quickly. And lastly, we’ve increased Transcendence’s healing throughput. This ultimate was designed to be the most effective against sustained, high-damage fire and least effective against short, high-damage bursts (like D.Va’s or Junkrat’s ultimates). But, due to the amount of healing it provided, there were times when it was possible for even sustained fire to overcome Transcendence’s output. We’ve made the heal powerful and also allowed Zenyatta to move around more quickly while it’s active. 


You can find the full patch notes here. Click this for full Patch Notes!

I am so excited for all these changes! I’m so happy Zenyatta’s survivability and general usefulness got buffed!

The D’va changes seem to be heading in the right place. I personally feel her only problem is her movement speed while shooting right now. It simply does not do enough damage for how slow she becomes. Hopefully these changes to her defense matrix make her a more viable main tank.

The mercy changes look really good and I can’t wait to try her out on the PTR!

The competitive changes that makes it so you can only have one of a hero feels… Bittersweet I see the reasoning behind it but it was fun to have a last ditch effort to capture a point and your entire team going Winston. I’m going to miss that.

Overall these changes look very good to Overwatch and I can’t wait for the patch to hit Live Servers.

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Gul’dan Enters The Nexus: First Impressions.

Gul’dan Enters The Nexus: First Impressions.

Gul’dan Has Entered The Nexus And With Him Comes A Tide Of Darkness!

You can watch Gul’dan’s trailer here!

I really love Gul’dan as a addition to the Nexus. He is one of my favorite World Of Warcraft characters.

He is amazing in the Nexus as well. I was curious as to how much he would contribute to a team composition and I was quite surprised by the utility he brings to the table.

Here is a summary of his abilities.


  • Life Tap (D)
    • Gul’dan does not regenerate Mana.
    • Activate to sacrifice a portion of your Health, restoring 25% of your maximum Mana.

Basic Abilities

  • Fel Flame (Q)
    • Release a wave of flame that damages each enemy it passes through.
  • Drain Life (W)
    • Drain the life from an enemy over 3 seconds, dealing damage to the target and healing Gul’dan each second while channeling.
  • Corruption (E)
    • Call forth three bursts of shadow energy in a line, which deal damage to each enemy they strike over 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Heroic Abilities

  • Horrify (R)

    • After a short delay, deal damage and Fear all enemy Heroes in the area for 2 seconds.
  • Rain of Destruction (R)

    • Summon a rain of meteors in a large area for 7 seconds. Each meteor deals a damage in a small area.

He brings a good bit of damage depending on how you build him it can be burst damage or sustained. I was surprised by how durable he was in teamfights. Even though his Life Tap hurt him to sustain his mana he was always able to stay in the fight through his Life Drain ability. His Fel Flame and Corruption was good at holding divers back in fights and skirmishes.

His ultimate abilities are pretty interesting. Horrify is overall the better choice in most team compositions. It is just much more reliable than Rain Of Fire. The issue with Rain Of Fire is it is simply too weak for its cooldown and RNG based aiming. Maybe if the fire dealt its initial damage along with damage over time or a debuff to attack speed it would be more useful. Unless Rain Of Fire gets changed I don’t see people using it over Horrify in most situations.

I am eager to see how Gul’dan affects the pro scene in E-Sports and cant wait to see how he affects the everyday player’s meta game.

Overall I really love this hero release along with the changes to minions and the laning phase of the game it makes for a very good patch.

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Hearthstone Adds New Recruit A Friend Feature!

Hearthstone Adds New Recruit A Friend Feature!

New Recruit A Friend Feature Comes To Hearthstone With a Murloc Sized Reward!

Sir Finley Mrrglton, renowned gentle-murloc explorer, has been scouring the jungles and coastlines of Azeroth in search of mannered murlocs ready to take up the mantle of heroism and reject the savagery of their fishy-folk. You can aid his cause with a little help from your friends!

When you Recruit A Friend they receive a free classic pack upon logging into the game. You get rewards aswell! When your recruit reaches lvl 20 you receive the new Shaman Hero Morgi The Shaman Oracle! If you get 4 more recruits to level 20 you and all your recruits receive a Free classic pack!

Morgi The Oracle.gif

Go forth and harness the power of Morgi! Recruit your friends and explore the endless possibilities and outcomes in Hearthstone!


If you are new to Hearthstone and want to be recruited you can be my recruit!

Be a recruit by clicking this link!

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Overwatch: New Support Hero Revealed Ana!

Overwatch: New Support Hero Revealed Ana!

Blizzard Has Revealed Overwatch’s Newest Hero And Her Name Is Ana Amari!

Overwatch has a new support hero entering the fray of battle. That hero is Ana mother of Pharah and one of the founding members of Overwatch! Here is Ana’s backstory.

One of the founding members of Overwatch, Ana uses her skills and expertise to defend her home and the people she cares for.

As the Omnic Crisis inflicted a heavy toll on Egypt, the country’s depleted and undermanned security forces relied on elite snipers for support. Among them was Ana Amari, who was widely considered to be the world’s best. Her superior marksmanship, decision-making, and instincts made her a natural selection to join the Overwatch strike team that would end the war.

Following the success of Overwatch’s original mission, Ana served for many years as Strike Commander Morrison’s second-in-command. Despite her responsibilities in leading the organization, Ana refused to step away from combat operations. She remained on active duty well into her fifties, until she was believed to have been killed during a hostage rescue mission by the Talon operative known as Widowmaker.

In truth, Ana survived that encounter, despite being gravely wounded and losing her right eye. During her recovery, she wrestled with the weight of a life spent in combat, and she chose to stay out of the world’s growing conflicts. However, as time passed, she realized she could not sit on the sidelines while people threatened her city and the innocents around her.

Now, Ana has rejoined the fight to protect her country from the forces that would destabilize it, and most importantly, to keep her family and her closest allies safe.

Here is a summary of her abilities!

Ana’s versatile arsenal allows her to affect heroes all over the battlefield. Her Biotic Rifle rounds and Biotic Grenades heal allies and damage or impair enemies; her sidearm tranquilizes key targets, and Nano Boost gives one of her comrades a considerable increase in power.


Biotic Rifle

Ana’s rifle shoots darts that can restore health to her allies or deal ongoing damage to her enemies. She can use the rifle’s scope to zoom in on targets and make highly accurate shots.

Sleep Dart

Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious (though any damage will rouse them).

Biotic Grenade

Ana tosses a biotic bomb that deals damage to enemies and heals allies in a small area of effect. Affected allies briefly receive increased healing from all sources, while enemies caught in the blast cannot be healed for a few moments.

Nano Boost

After Ana hits one of her allies with a combat boost, they temporarily move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage from enemies’ attacks.


She is ranked on the Difficulty chart as 3 stars. It seems like she will be easy to learn but hard to master with all the utility in her abilities. A good Ana will know when to use her abilities and can completely change the outcome of a teamfight making her a very powerful addition to current roster of Supports.

Her set of abilities bring a ton of utility to a fight. Because of the way her Biotic Grenade works I feel she will fill a much needed role in double support compositions and will probably work best with a Zenyatta or Symettra.

Ana is available on the PTR realm for testing and is expected to be released sometime after the PTR testing has been completed.

You can find out more about Ana on the offical Overwatch website here!

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Starcraft II Patch 3.4 Has Arrived With A Ladder Overhaul.

Starcraft II Patch 3.4 Has Arrived With A Ladder Overhaul.

As of today July 12th 2016 patch 3.4 has arrived!


Patch 3.4 brings massive changes to the current ladder system along with changes to the UI here are some of the changes.

Your matchmaking rating (MMR) is now displayed in various screens throughout the StarCraft II user interface.

    A new Ladder tab has been added to the Score Screen that displays both you and your opponent’s matchmaking rating (MMR), as well as the changes in rating from the outcome of that ranked match.
    A progress bar is also displayed on the Ladder tab that shows your progress towards promotion.
    In addition to the new Ladder tab, MMR is also displayed on the Division screen in Profile > Ladders > Current Season > Legacy of the Void.

New League Tiers have been added.

    Leagues are now divided into three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, with Tier 1 being the highest and Tier 3 being the lowest.
    Your tier represents how you rank relative to other players within that league. For example, a player in Silver Tier 1 is closer to a promotion into the next league (Gold) than a player in Silver Tier 3.

The visual look and feel of the ladder system has been refreshed.

    A new promotion screen with 3D fanfare has been added.  League badges and league portrait borders have been updated to display your current tier. League badges and league portrait borders have new colors and animations to make them more visually distinct.  4 new animated banners have been added to represent your standing within your division.

The mechanics of Grandmaster have been significantly overhauled.  

Promotions and demotions in GM now happen daily at a scheduled time:
        At 5:00 PM server time, the bottom 5% of GM players will be removed.
        Players who are eligible for GM will be in the new Contender ladder.
        Anyone logged into StarCraft II can view the players present in Contender ladder to follow along with who might be promoted. Navigate there via Profile > Ladders > Grandmaster > 1v1 Contender or Archon Contender.

At 8:00 PM server time, the top players of the Contender ladder will be promoted based on their MMR and activity eligibility for GM.
    In order to emphasize the accuracy of GM, players are ranked based on MMR instead of division points. Bonus pool has also been removed.
    Players who have not played a minimum of 10 games every 3 weeks will be automatically removed from GM.
    GM will open one week after a new season begins.

Additional changes:
    The new target league distribution breakdown is:
        Master: 4%
        Diamond: 23%
        Platinum: 23%
        Gold: 23%
        Silver: 23%
        Bronze: 4%

  Sc2 League Distribution

Improvements have been made to the estimated rankings of new and returning players. In the Score Screen’s new Ladder tab, this is described in the tooltip as “Provisional MMR”.
    Bonus pool accrual rates have been tuned for team matchmaking modes to make them more competitive:
        1v1: no change
        Random Team: 50% reduction
        Arranged Team: 75% reduction
        Archon Mode: 75% reduction

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes to Ladder. I am very excited with these changes and plan to play Starcraft alot more now.

You can find the full patch notes here!

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Overwatch: How Can We Fix Zenyatta?

Overwatch: How Can We Fix Zenyatta?

Changes Coming To Zenyatta Soon? Hopefully So Says Jeff Kaplan.

I really love Overwatch’s characters. They are all fun, balanced and unique. Every character has this deep hidden lore about them and you just feel the hard work Blizzard put into the characters when you play them.

Changing characters to fit the role your team needs is crucial to winning in Overwatch. Playing the game this week I played every character in the game and felt they all fulfilled the role my team needed well. This really shows how balanced and diverse the game is when every character gets played.

Until I noticed that I had not seen a single  person play Zenyatta in all of my games…

This really surprised me, I then realized that I had not been playing Zenyatta much lately even though I really like him as a character. I find his lore quite interesting and his playstyle very fun. So why was I not playing him?

I began to analyze and try to figure out why I don’t pick Zenyatta over the other characters in the game when I came to this conclusion.

  • Zenyatta is the most fragile of all the supports. Yes he regenerates a shield but he is very slow and does not have good escape mechanics.

  • His healing output is unreliable and very weak compared to the other supports.

  • His Orb’s line of sight requirement feels clunky and holds him back.

  • His alternate fire on his Orb toss does not seem to contribute enough for the time it takes to cast.

  • Zenyatta is a niche pick. He really only performs optimally in double support team compositions. Which is very hard to organize in quick play.

  • His ultimate goes against his very nature! Zenyatta wants to be in the back of the group sniping his enemies from afar with his Orbs and healing his allies from a distance. His ultimate is the opposite though, you have to run in the middle of all the chaos to heal your teammates.

Trust me I am not calling Zenyatta bad. All I am saying is it feels he is under performing and it makes it hard to justify picking him over the other supports.

Zenyatta was used all the time back in the beta when his Orbs lasted permanently on his targets. Blizzard changed it near the end of beta because It was too easy to manage his Orbs it was kind of a set and forget mechanic.

The Orbs were changed to only last permanently if your target was In your Line Of Sight and the orb would return to you if you broke Line Of Sight for 3 seconds.

After the change Zenyatta kind of stopped seeing use in Pro Competitive Matches and Tournaments.

Blizzard has noticed Zenyatta being used less and less and Game Director Jeff Kaplan gave some insight on their stance on Zenyatta.

We’ve been talking about him. We wanted to see how the Widowmaker and McCree balance changes played out before making any changes. We’re exploring some options right now. Nothing more to report at this time. ~ Jeff Kaplan


The widowmaker and Mcgree changes have came and Zenyatta is still being underplayed. I believe there are two solutions to make Zenyatta on par with the other supports.

  • Change his Orb’s lifetime out of Line Of Sight to 10-15 seconds and give a 15% dmg reduction to Zenyatta and his Orb’s target when active.

This is the easiest change to make and seems to be the most logical. It keeps Zenyatta’s current playstyle but just makes babysitting of the Orb’s less of a hassle and the dmg reduction gives Zenyatta some durability.

Change number two is a bigger rework to Zenyatta and his playstyle.

  • Change Zenyatta’s alternative fire button to be either (A burst of shield to his life for 5 secs) or (Makes him and his Orb’s target invincible for 3 secs) and change his base movement speed to be faster.

This is the only change I can think of if Blizzard does not want Zenyatta’s Orbs to be easier to manage. Whatever changes Blizzard decides to do I hope it keeps to Zenyatta’s core playstyle.

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