The Old God Yogg’saron’s Coin Flip Balanced Power Has Caused A Lot Of Controversy Lately.


When the old gods were released players predicted that C’thun and N’zoth were going to be the most powerful in the set. People figured that Y’shaarj was to slow to be useful and Yogg’saron was to random to be reliable.

That prediction seems to be wrong right now. C’thun and N’zoth are very reliant on their deck and do not see use all that much. Yogg’saron however is being put in nearly every deck right now. He seems to help you out more often than harm you and can flat out win a lost game for you. Most decks have a decent number of spells in them already so Yogg fits perfectly without much tweaking needed.

Is this good for Hearthstone as a whole? Is the completely RNG based power of Yogg’saron fair or balanced? Players dont believe so and are calling for nerfs to Yogg’saron.

Personally I think Yogg’saron’s value for his cost is just to high. I have won so many games that I should of lost by surviving until turn 10 and playing Yogg. I have also lost many games that I should of won because of Yogg’saron I felt like I could not counter him even if I knew my opponent had him in his deck.

Hopefully the new adventure gives us some counters to Yogg’saron. Perhaps more cards that punish your opponent for using spells. Whatever the changes coming up may be I am excited for the future of Hearthstone.

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One thought on “Hearthstone: Is Yogg’saron Overpowered?

  1. Nah. I think he is fine as is. What they want to nerf is the randomness. But thats the beauty of it. It does swing games so i suppose at the more ‘pro’ level, randomness is what they want to minimise. But they need to remember the other half of the population are casuals who dont really mind the effect.

    Overpowered? No. Need nerf? No. Annoyingly random? Yes. But we love rng dont we? 😄

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