Become A Legend Play Brawlhalla Today!

What is Brawlhalla though? Brawlhalla is a 2d platform fighter game similar to games like Super Smash Bros and Awesomenauts. You pick a Legend (Character You Play As) and you and your opponent duke it out in a 2d Arena. There are a lot of different Arenas in the game. Some have simple designs like Kings Pass.

Simple Arena.png

There are also complex Arenas with moving platforms and very unique designs. Depending on the Arena you fight in you will need to change your playstyle. Here are some of the unique Arenas you will find in game!

Arenas Map.jpg

Not only are the Arenas very unique the Gameplay was something I had never seen before. Each Legend character has their own unique set of signature abilities but they also have unique weapons that change their fighting style. The weapons spawn in the Arena when you are fighting. You can pick up the weapon and it changes your abilities to fit that weapon’s personality.

For example Bodvar can equip a Battle Hammer that gives him extra reach and knockback power or you he can equip his Short Sword and gain increased damage and attack speed. Learning when you change your weapons depending on your situation was hard to learn but once you learn when to change weapons to help you defeat your opponents it adds a deep layer of complexity on a simple game.

Bodvar hammer.pngBodvar Sword.png

The game has a lot of different gamemodes to play ranging from FFA matches, 1v1 unranked and ranked, 2v2 unranked and ranked and even Summer Dodgeball. The matchmaking system is very good in this game and out of all the matches I have played I have always felt like my opponent’s skill level was on par with mine.

The art style in the game is very appealing and immediately draws you in. The animations are very polished and look cute yet serious at the same time.


Brawlhalla is in Early Access and you can try it on Steam for free by by clicking this link. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of 2d or fighting games.

Overall I give this game a rating of 9/10. It is easy to pick up and hard to master. The art style looks beautiful and the animations look crisp and the game runs very smooth even on low end systems.


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