New Recruit A Friend Feature Comes To Hearthstone With a Murloc Sized Reward!

Sir Finley Mrrglton, renowned gentle-murloc explorer, has been scouring the jungles and coastlines of Azeroth in search of mannered murlocs ready to take up the mantle of heroism and reject the savagery of their fishy-folk. You can aid his cause with a little help from your friends!

When you Recruit A Friend they receive a free classic pack upon logging into the game. You get rewards aswell! When your recruit reaches lvl 20 you receive the new Shaman Hero Morgi The Shaman Oracle! If you get 4 more recruits to level 20 you and all your recruits receive a Free classic pack!

Morgi The Oracle.gif

Go forth and harness the power of Morgi! Recruit your friends and explore the endless possibilities and outcomes in Hearthstone!


If you are new to Hearthstone and want to be recruited you can be my recruit!

Be a recruit by clicking this link!

Have fun in Hearthstone! Like or leave a comment below!



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