Gul’dan Has Entered The Nexus And With Him Comes A Tide Of Darkness!

You can watch Gul’dan’s trailer here!

I really love Gul’dan as a addition to the Nexus. He is one of my favorite World Of Warcraft characters.

He is amazing in the Nexus as well. I was curious as to how much he would contribute to a team composition and I was quite surprised by the utility he brings to the table.

Here is a summary of his abilities.


  • Life Tap (D)
    • Gul’dan does not regenerate Mana.
    • Activate to sacrifice a portion of your Health, restoring 25% of your maximum Mana.

Basic Abilities

  • Fel Flame (Q)
    • Release a wave of flame that damages each enemy it passes through.
  • Drain Life (W)
    • Drain the life from an enemy over 3 seconds, dealing damage to the target and healing Gul’dan each second while channeling.
  • Corruption (E)
    • Call forth three bursts of shadow energy in a line, which deal damage to each enemy they strike over 6 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Heroic Abilities

  • Horrify (R)

    • After a short delay, deal damage and Fear all enemy Heroes in the area for 2 seconds.
  • Rain of Destruction (R)

    • Summon a rain of meteors in a large area for 7 seconds. Each meteor deals a damage in a small area.

He brings a good bit of damage depending on how you build him it can be burst damage or sustained. I was surprised by how durable he was in teamfights. Even though his Life Tap hurt him to sustain his mana he was always able to stay in the fight through his Life Drain ability. His Fel Flame and Corruption was good at holding divers back in fights and skirmishes.

His ultimate abilities are pretty interesting. Horrify is overall the better choice in most team compositions. It is just much more reliable than Rain Of Fire. The issue with Rain Of Fire is it is simply too weak for its cooldown and RNG based aiming. Maybe if the fire dealt its initial damage along with damage over time or a debuff to attack speed it would be more useful. Unless Rain Of Fire gets changed I don’t see people using it over Horrify in most situations.

I am eager to see how Gul’dan affects the pro scene in E-Sports and cant wait to see how he affects the everyday player’s meta game.

Overall I really love this hero release along with the changes to minions and the laning phase of the game it makes for a very good patch.

Like this post and leave a comment on your opinion to Gul’dan arriving to the nexus!


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