As of today July 12th 2016 patch 3.4 has arrived!


Patch 3.4 brings massive changes to the current ladder system along with changes to the UI here are some of the changes.

Your matchmaking rating (MMR) is now displayed in various screens throughout the StarCraft II user interface.

    A new Ladder tab has been added to the Score Screen that displays both you and your opponent’s matchmaking rating (MMR), as well as the changes in rating from the outcome of that ranked match.
    A progress bar is also displayed on the Ladder tab that shows your progress towards promotion.
    In addition to the new Ladder tab, MMR is also displayed on the Division screen in Profile > Ladders > Current Season > Legacy of the Void.

New League Tiers have been added.

    Leagues are now divided into three tiers: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, with Tier 1 being the highest and Tier 3 being the lowest.
    Your tier represents how you rank relative to other players within that league. For example, a player in Silver Tier 1 is closer to a promotion into the next league (Gold) than a player in Silver Tier 3.

The visual look and feel of the ladder system has been refreshed.

    A new promotion screen with 3D fanfare has been added.  League badges and league portrait borders have been updated to display your current tier. League badges and league portrait borders have new colors and animations to make them more visually distinct.  4 new animated banners have been added to represent your standing within your division.

The mechanics of Grandmaster have been significantly overhauled.  

Promotions and demotions in GM now happen daily at a scheduled time:
        At 5:00 PM server time, the bottom 5% of GM players will be removed.
        Players who are eligible for GM will be in the new Contender ladder.
        Anyone logged into StarCraft II can view the players present in Contender ladder to follow along with who might be promoted. Navigate there via Profile > Ladders > Grandmaster > 1v1 Contender or Archon Contender.

At 8:00 PM server time, the top players of the Contender ladder will be promoted based on their MMR and activity eligibility for GM.
    In order to emphasize the accuracy of GM, players are ranked based on MMR instead of division points. Bonus pool has also been removed.
    Players who have not played a minimum of 10 games every 3 weeks will be automatically removed from GM.
    GM will open one week after a new season begins.

Additional changes:
    The new target league distribution breakdown is:
        Master: 4%
        Diamond: 23%
        Platinum: 23%
        Gold: 23%
        Silver: 23%
        Bronze: 4%

  Sc2 League Distribution

Improvements have been made to the estimated rankings of new and returning players. In the Score Screen’s new Ladder tab, this is described in the tooltip as “Provisional MMR”.
    Bonus pool accrual rates have been tuned for team matchmaking modes to make them more competitive:
        1v1: no change
        Random Team: 50% reduction
        Arranged Team: 75% reduction
        Archon Mode: 75% reduction

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes to Ladder. I am very excited with these changes and plan to play Starcraft alot more now.

You can find the full patch notes here!

Please leave a like and comment on your opinion to these changes below!


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