Blizzard Developers are scheduled to host a panel at Comic Con on the 21st of July. The panel is called Behind The Scenes Of Overwatch’s Newest Hero!

It is unclear if the reveal will happen at the panel or beforehand. One thing is for sure though. I’m excited!

Rumours that Overwatch’s next hero will be a support sniper are looking pretty solid right now, as the game’s official Twitter account teases a new image.

Players and Fans of the game have speculated that the new hero is going to be Ana Amari. One of the founding members of Overwatch she was thought to have disappeared after the group originally disbanded. She also happens to be Pharah’s mother.

The weapon in the tweet looks awfully like a sniper rifle and players speculate that Ana Amari may be a hybrid between a Support character and a Sniper.
Give your theory on who the new hero may be in the comment section below.

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One thought on “Comic Con: 2016 Scheduled To Reveal Behind The Scenes Of Overwatch’s Newest Hero!

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so ridiculously excited to learn more about this new hero (even though I’m so bad at sniping). It’ll be interesting to hear Pharah’s mother’s backstory (if it’s actually her that’s being teased) since she’s been such a mystery. Great post!

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