Nothing Screams America More Than The Game Broforce!

To celebrate July 4th the game has added new Bros to the roster this July 7th! Why July 7th exactly? Well… I dont know… One thing I do know though is that this update is awesome!

The update adds 4 new Bros to the game.

  • Bro Lee! (Yea thats right you can play as Bruce Lee in game now!)
  • Dirty Brorry (Inspector Harold Francis Callahan from the Dirty Harry film series!)
  • Tank Bro (Tank Girl from the Tank Girl comic series!)
  • Snake Broskin 2.0 (Snake Plissken from Escape from New York/L.A. Only now hes even better!)

These new Bros are a lot of fun to play and add much more diversity to the game.

Leave a comment below on your opinion on the 7th of July update.

Also Broforce is 60% off on Steam until July 11th now is the perfect time to purchase the game for you or a friend!


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